IP Control

IP Protection has fundamental importance not only to our clients but also to the company's success and its very existence. We deal with every part of our work with the highest integrity no matter how small it is within a whole development and manufacturing process.

We have confidential agreement with not only customers before project conduction but also employees before work in Lab. For multiple steps synthesis only project leader and their superiors know the full synthesis. Project and production managers only know their own particular reaction.

We also establish rigorous documentation system to safeguard customers’ IP including daily-signature of lab notebook and regular filing of all involved documents. and all electronic documents are password protected.

All computers assigned to chemists do not have re- writable CD/DVD drives and functional USB outlets. and the outward e-mails are strictly controlled.

All IP held, invented, developed on behalf of our clients is the sole property of that client, UNITE retains no rights whatsoever toclient intellectual property, UNITE has strict confidentiality agreements with all employees,.All employees assign their rights in any inventionsor discoveries to UNITE