FTE Chemistry Service

UINTE - your trusted partner to solve your challenging synthetic problems

Reliability & competence

Contract or Full Time Equivalent (FTE) chemistry design synthetic route for the customers as guided by the customer’s thinking. & implement the synthetic routes designed by the customers

UNITE chemists, based in the China, specialise in difficult and challenging chemistry to exceptionally high standards. our record of success is second to none, often delivering where other companies have previously failed. Intellectual property (IP) generated within an FTE becomes the property of the client, many projects having created highly valuable IP leading downstream to patents and commercial products. As a wholly owned subsidiary of Tennants Group, Key Organics has the financial strength to remain a sustainable, long-term and reliable partner to meet all your chemistry needs. Please contact us for further details.


Every compound is rigorously quality assured by the in-house Analytical Department to meet or exceed the specifications of the individual client.

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