Custom Synthesis

From grams to hundreds of kilograms, Call or email us for your custom synthesis requirements. From demonstration of a new synthetic route through process development and process scale-up, all work is done in our Suzhou technology center. We are readily accessible and share your commitment to the success of your project.


Chemical Reactions: amination, cyanation, diazotization, fluorination, Friedel-Crafts reactions, Fries rearrangments, Grignard reaction, halide exchange,

halogenation, nitration, oxidation, reduction, Riemer-Tiemann reaction, sulfonation and many others. Separations: fractional distillation, crystallization, column chromatography, and partitioning.


On-site: GC, GC-MS, HPLC, and LC-MS,TLC, NMR (500 MHz, 300 MHz, multi-nuclei) support is available


Your proprietary information is confined to our Suzhou technology center and controlled on a need-to-know basis. Non-disclosure agreements can quickly be put in place when you need them.

Pleasecontact us ( for additional information.