HSE Policy (Health,Safety and Environment Policy)

UNITE manages HSE as a key integral part of our operation and for sustainable business development. UNITe is committed to be a responsible in all of our businesses and in the communities in which we operate. We believe that superior performance in safety, health and environment (HSE) is essential to achieving operations excellence and superior financial performance.

Bases on science:

We will continue to reduce and where possible eliminate waste through the use of source reduction, recycle/reuse and treatment techniques. The handling and disposal of all waste will be conducted in a safe and responsible fashion in accordance with regulatory standards.

Focus on prevention:

Our goal is to prevent HSE incidents. We will utilize sound maintenance and work practices, safety-conscious design, employee training and incident investigations to minimize risks to our employees and the communities in which we operate. Through research, planning and analysis we will strive to minimize the environmental impact and health and safety hazards of our company products and services,We will be prepared to respond promptly and professionally should an incident occur.

Our safety principles:

Safety is a core organizational value
Management is responsible for preventing injuries
Training employees in safety is essential
All incidents can be prevented and occupational exposures minimized
All incidents must be reported and acted upon
Working safely is a condition of employment and contract
Safety makes good business