About Us
Company Profile

Suzhou Unite pharmTech Co., Ltd , is a leading discovery chemistry company, which specializes in producing innovative heterocyclic chemicals, building blocks for drug discovery chemistry. and provide the Contract Manufacturing(CMO) and Contract Research(CRO)services to the global pharmaceutical and biotech companies
Chemical Building Blocks
Unique and specialty building blocks,including isoquinoline,pyrrole,pyrimidine,
indazole, piperidine,boronic acids,thiophen,derivate, pyrazine,piperizine,other
small molecule heterocycle and functionalized building blocks
Our Discovery Chemistry Offerings
Discovery Chemistry Services–FTE contract chemistry and Contract Manufacturing (CRO)including lead generation libraries and hit-to-lead libraries
IN UNITE, a team of talented and experienced organic chemists and chemical
engineers form the nucleus of the company’s research and development effort, we believe that our R&D is a manifestation of our belief in quality and
innovation. Our R&D strength is centered on a knowledge base of over 15
Our R & D Expertise areas are:
§ Chiral separations,
§ Stereoselective synthesis,
§ Cryogenic reactions,
§ High vacuum distillation,
§ Use of resins/molecular sieves,
§ Polymorphism studies,
§ Biotransformation/enzymatic reactions and
§ Peptide Synthesis, purification and characterization
§ Low Temperature Reactions